Health Specialities
Pediatrics Complete examination
Growth & Development monitoring
Vaccination, New Born care
Adolescent Growth Monitoring 
Career counseling, Diet advice Vaccination

Physician check up
Diabetic & other Harmone disorder
Hypertention, Executive Health check ups
Lung Function Test(spirometry)

Children  Neurology

Diagnosis & Treatment of child Epilepsy & neurological
Diseases., cerebral palsy.
Child Epliepsy &  Brain diseases
Management of Attention deficit & Hyperactivity
Austism management
Complete management of cerebral palsy-Botox injection, Post- Botox Physiotherapy
learning disability – diagnosis & management
Complete eye vision, hearing & dental check-up development assessment & management
Orthotic devices, orthopedic surgery
Behaviour & School problem
Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy
Speech therapy, Psychologist
Career counseling , Special educator
EEG, NCV, EMG, BERA, VER, available

Brain mapping is new Bio-medical diagnostic technology that greatly improves information from EEG.