• GE Medical System
  • Wipro GE Vivid S5:-
    Multi Parameter Monitor for respiratory rate,Blood Pressure,Oxygen Saturation Temperature.
  • ECG:-By new generation single channel cardiography machine.
  • PFT(pulmonary function test) :-By PC based spisometer for children and adult.
  • Neuro Perfect EMG-2000
  • EMG/ NCV/ EP System – For performing nerve conduction studies, F-wave, Blink reflex & R N studies. EMG studies are objective measure of the neuro muscular diseases. Evoked potential studies include visual potentials, Brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP) & Somsatosensory evoked potential (SEP). Digital & Video EEG with brain mapping EEG Neuro Corpact NC 2400